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Allegra Poggio




CREDENTIALS/CERTIFICATIONS: Comprehensive Pilates Certification through Balanced Body [Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Barrel and Chair], Mat and Reformer (bridge program) training with Fuse Pilates , Anatomy of Movement and Anatomy in Clay with Balanced Body, Balanced Body Barre, Peak Pilates Chair, Pre-Post Natal Pilates with the Center for Women's Fitness , Pilates for Multiple Sclerosis with Mariska, Breland from Fuse Pilates


STUDIES: BA in Psychology from Bates College and an MS in Digital Communications from Johns Hopkins University. 


OUTLOOK ON LIFE: I aim to energize and motivate students to find their edge and go beyond it. My goal as a teacher is to inspire people toward actions that will move them to lead healthy and happy lives. I truly believe - my mantra or whatever you want to call it - that


everyday gives you the opportunity to be better than you were yesterday. 


Through my practice, I learned the power and value of understanding one’s own body to achieve personal and emotional goals. Every body is so different! My teaching style is challenging, disciplined, and calm. I am small, but tough. And you'll feel that in your muscles in class. In classes you’ll find detailed cues and a combination of challenging exercises to help you discover muscles that you have never felt before.


I enjoy traveling (especially to Italy to see family and friends), joining a good dance party, reading, cooking (healthy!), discovering restaurants, and spending time with friends!




HOBBIES: I love running. Dancing. Being in the water. Hiking. Trying to meditate. Being outside with nature and connecting to things beyond ourselves. I am first generation Italian, passionate about good, healthy food, strong relationships with family and friends. I believe that nourishing food, movement and exercise is the recipe to a fulfilled, and happy life. 


SOMETHING DEEP OR COOL ABOUT YOU: I have moved every 2 years for all of my life.


FAVORITE COLOR AND WHY?: My favorite color is blood orange. Because it is the ying and yang in color and flavor. Hues of red and orange and pink. Hints of sweet and sour.  Balanced, chaotic and imperceptibly satisfying! 


WHY ARE YOU IN SF?: After 7 years in Washington, D.C., I moved to San Francisco (my hipster, soul mate city) a year ago because I wanted to. The the beauty of the city pulled me here. I am having the time of my life exploring everything in the Bay Area.


FAVORITE HANGOUT AREA IN SF?: My favorite hang out areas in SF are Buena Vista park, Golden Gate park and Lands End. Amazing running, stairs and grassy areas to hang out!


FAVORITE MUSIC?: Everything! My favorite jams change day to day but I'm a big fan of City and Colour.


FAVORITE TRAVEL DESTINATION AND WHY? My favorite travel designation is Levanto, Italy. I have been there every year of my life. It is home. Water, mountains, italian delights.


FAVORITE INSPIRATION AND WHY? My inspiration is Errick McAdams. He is a best friend, personal trainer and truly amazing human being. He inspires me everyday with his work ethic, amazing happy energy and addictive smile. I would not be where I am today without him. 



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