Bootcamp HIIT Training - Keep Burning Fat During Christmas Dinner

With this month's holiday parties, visitors and travel galore, getting or staying in shape can be extra difficult, but we are here at Rogue & Saint to help you stay motivated!

What if we told you that you can cut down on workouts when you’re super busy, without losing out on a good fat burn? Our bootcamp classes utilize a high intensity interval training approach (HIIT), which makes every second of your workout count. HIIT is a hot topic for exercise researchers, and a plethora of studies show that HIIT (similar to that offered in the Rogue bootcamp sessions here at Rogue & Saint) is more effective at burning fatty tissue and creating an “after burn” effect where you continue to burn some calories post workout than longer, steady state workouts. HIIT also lowers insulin resistance, which can be helpful when you’re consuming sugar laden desserts that have your insulin petering out from being on high alert.

So, instead of trying to cram in a bunch of halfhearted workouts while you’re busy this holiday season, try a hard-hitting HIIT workout two to three times a week instead, at Rogue & Saint in SF's Mission District. You’ll free up your schedule to take care of holiday obligations, and ramp up your fat burning while you’re at it. But remember, it’s hard to out exercise too much food, so it’s still important to watch your intake. Any exercise is better than none, so whatever you do, just be sure to move & get your sweat on!

For more information on HIIT, check out these studies:

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