The Best Tricks for Eating, Drinking, and Still Shrinking This Holiday Season

Stuffing, pecan pie, cheese plates – oh my! What do these foods have in common? They’re delicious, but they’re also very calorie dense and pack a punch in one small serving. The holidays are a time to enjoy and let loose a little, but how can you do this without getting side tracked from your weight loss plan, or even worse, gaining weight?

There’s a way: take a hint from the volumetrics approach. The volumetrics diet focuses on foods that are high in volume and low in calorie density. This means you can eat lots of food and feel satisfied without unnecessary calories. Take these simple steps to volumize your holiday plate:

· Load up on veggies: Instead of limiting yourself to mini portions of calorie dense foods like stuffing, pasta, and anything creamy that will leave room in your stomach, fill half your plate with low calorie, high volume foods like cooked veggies (as long as they aren’t dripping in butter), salad, and even a slice of bread.

· Prioritize rich food: You’ll no doubt be faced with a spread of many high calories, lower volume foods, but too many small bites and nibbles can leave us wanting more! Increase satisfaction by choosing your top three rich foods, and taking a reasonable serving of each.

· Include protein: While this will be a no-brainer for those eating turkey, make sure to include some protein on your plate for a slow release of blood sugar that will keep you from crashing later.

· Make friends with soda water: The volumetrics principle applies to drinks too. Have soda water on hand to add to wine (one glass can become two!) or make a high ball in a tall glass with a lot of soda and just a splash of juice.

Happy eating and remember to get your sweat on!

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