Frequently Asked Questions



> Is it necessary to reserve a spot in class before I show up?

Yes, classes are reservation only. Classes operate on a first-registered, first-served basis, and registration closes 2 hours prior to class.Classes are small and tend to fill to capacity quickly, so make sure you book early! There is a 3-person waitlist for each class. If spots become available, people on the waitlist will be notified 60 minutes before class begins.


> How do I book a class? 

Click HERE to reserve your spot in any R&S class! You can also book a class at the front desk, but our online booking system is easy and convenient!


> Do you take walk-ins?

Life happens, and we occasionally have no-shows without a waitlist. Last minute walk-ins are welcome! 


> Should I arrive early to my class? 

Classes begin promptly on the hour. Please check-in at the front desk 5 minutes before your class begins. If you don’t, you run the risk of losing your spot. And don’t forget to allow yourself enough time to change your clothes (if necessary) and get settled at your station! 


> What if I miss a class?

You must cancel your class reservation 12 hours prior to the start time. If you do not cancel 12 hours in advance of the start time, you will forfeit your spot in class. If you have purchased a class pass, we will also redeem that session even though you didn’t take the class. If you have purchased a Month-to-Month membership that gives you unlimited classes, you will only forfeit your reservation for that class. (Yet another reason to become a member of R&S!) 


Please be mindful that when you reserve a class, and consistently cancel at the last minute, you are taking away a badass workout for someone else.

> What is your cancellation policy on memberships? 

There is a 30-day cancellation policy on all Month-to-Month Unlimited Class memberships.


> Can I put my membership on hold?

We do offer the possibility to freeze your membership. Please inquire at the front desk for more details.


> How are classes billed?

If you purchase a class pass, you will pay the full price at time of purchase, and sessions will be redeemed every time you register for a class. If you choose to become a member of R&S (month-to-month with unlimited classes), we will auto-deduct from your bank account every month. Check out our Plans/Rates HERE


> Do you have payment plans?

We have a variety of plans and programs to fit every budget and schedule. Check them out HERE.





> What should I bring to Rogue Bootcamp? 

We provide all workout equipment as well as towels. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes and clothes that you don’t care about getting drenched in sweat! And don’t forget a water bottle! 

> What should I bring to Saint Athletic Pilates?

We provide all workout equipment including thick mats and towels. (But your own Pilates mats are also welcome.) Although it’s not mandatory, we recommend doing Springboard Pilates barefoot in order to get the best grip on both mat and springs. Make sure your clothing doesn’t restrict you from stretching. And don’t forget a water bottle!


> What is a typical workout like in the Rogue Box?

Each 55-minute Rogue Bootcamp class is led by a Rogue Bootcamp-Certified trainer, and begins with a 5-10 minute warm-up sequence -- those who do not warm up will wreck themselves. (Promise.) After our warm-up, class really begins. We will work your body to its absolute limit with 45-50 minutes of Interval Weight Training using free weights, integrated with High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T.) on treadmills. H.I.I.T. focuses on alternating short bursts of speed with slightly longer periods of active recovery to shred fat, tone muscle and boost your metabolism. Combined with interval strength training using suspended pull-up bars, resistance bands, and hardcore free-weights, Rogue Bootcamp will keep your body in a constant state of “shock and confusion” (but you can handle it!), stimulating your metabolism so your body will keep burning calories even after your workout!


> What is a typical workout like in the Saint Studio?

Each 55-minute Saint Athletic Pilates class is a pure Springboard practice that moves through a series of resistance exercises requiring core strength, mental focus, and technical precision. A Pilates-Certified instructor leads our unique style of Athletic Pilates for a completely unmatched total body-conditioning workout. For the first and last 5-10 minutes of each class, Saint Trainers will guide you through a deep warm-up and energizing cool down sequence. Depending on the day, classes will target each Pilates principal in balancing pairs. Friday through Sunday, we do a Saint Signature practice (Total Body & Mind) to keep you energized and agile for whatever your weekend holds.  


> How long are classes?

Every class at R&S is 55 minutes, and includes warm-up and cool down sequences.  


> What kind of music is played in class?

In the Rogue Box, there’s always a loud, high-BPM playlist bumping to keep you at full throttle! In the Saint Studio, music is productive background noise to keep you focused on smoothly moving between resistance movements.


> Are your workouts only for athletes?

Absolutely not! We welcome all levels of fitness enthusiast from first-time gym goer to full-time athletic competitor!


> How intense are your workouts? They look really scary.

They are. Scary, that is. But you can handle it! Fitness isn’t comfortable; you only get stronger and faster when you push beyond limits. And in a group environment, breaking limits is how camaraderie is forged and real improvement happens. You will leave every class stimulated, not annihilated. 


> I’m already in shape. Will I get anything out of your classes?

Hell yes! Rogue Bootcamp and Saint Pilates are designed to overcome plateaus. We promise to upgrade your fitness routine to elite status. Check out our class descriptions HERE


> What if I’m pregnant or have an injury?

If you are pregnant or have an injury, be sure to check in with your personal physician about permissible types of physical activity before you register for a class. When you get to class, please tell your instructor about your condition so that s/he can give you appropriate modifications to the exercise sequences.


> Why should I invest in your services when I can join my local gym for $30-$70/month?

Because be honest with yourself, how often do you really go to your local gym...without direction, without a plan, without any real objective other than to probably “lose weight”? And how effective has this strategy been so far? Join Rogue & Saint and start motivating others while staying inspired yourself. We have structured workout plans in an incredible setting with expert trainers eager to kick your ass! And all of this without the high cost of a personal trainer.


> What kind of people are members of Rogue & Saint?

We want you the Crossfitter and bodybuilder, fixie renegade and full-suspension badass. Tough Mudder enthusiast and Spartan competitor. Climber, paddleboarder, boulderer, surfer. Software builder, blazing entrepreneur, and cocktail slinger. Hipster and Yupster. Burning Man or Vegas bound. Swinging single, hooked-up, seriously taken, or married with babies. We want you. All of you. 


The creed that binds the Rogue & Saint Republic is the commitment and desire to invest in continuous improvement, to overcome plateaus, and to be stronger and more focused than yesterday. The R&S Method will improve your body, but the R&S Republic will change your life.  





> Do you have a shower and changing rooms?

Yes we do! There is a shower available, and also changing/restrooms for your convenience. And everything is brand new! 


> Where should I park?

There’s ample street parking on Mission St. as well as along 15th St. and 16th St. Spots are coin metered or use PAY BY PHONE.

Better yet...don’t scrounge for quarters and ride your bike! We’ve got a rack for safe lock-up right outside our doors! 


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