Meet Kirsten Gerding

Kirsten Gerding, Saint Room Trainer  

Kirsten Gerding

Pilates Saint Coordinator

NICKNAME: Technically I have 2, but in the studio it's Sarge!




STUDIES: Pilates, Dance, Pole Fitness, Circus, Singing, Acting


OUTLOOK ON LIFE: Don't waste time trying to be what you are not. Learn who you are, accept who you are & spend your days perfecting you from the inside out. If you do this every day you will find that you are always able to improve. You can always be better. Also, share your talents. Don't hide them away for no one to see. We learn from trial & error, don't be afraid to try new things. Be open to "life" & you may just be surprised as to what it will show you in return!


YEARS IN FITNESS INDUSTRY: Wow, technically I've been teaching dance since I was 13 sooooooooo a long

long time!


HOBBIES: Hmm, hobbies, who has time for hobbies?! Hahaha, most of my hobbies become my means of artistic expression & turn into performing skills.


SOMETHING DEEP OR COOL ABOUT YOU: I have been a dancer & singer all my life but in my early 30s I finally "ran away with the circus" & have been a circus performer ever since!


FAVORITE COLOR AND WHY?: Black, I love the lines black gives on a dancers body. Next would be RED!


WHY ARE YOU IN SF?: I moved to SF years ago after coming off tour with A Chorus Line. I live for the creative heartbeat of the Bay Area.


FAVORITE HANGOUT AREA IN SF?: Hmmmmm there are so many....


FAVORITE MUSIC?: I don't have a favorite per say. I have to feel it & be able to move organically through it though.




FAVORITE TRAVEL DESTINATION AND WHY? Wherever the wind takes me.


FAVORITE INSPIRATION AND WHY? (person, quote or...) Actually I have 2, by the same person and I think they speak for themselves...."If I could tell you what it meant, there would be no point in dancing it"....."You were once wild here. Don't let them tame you"~ Isadora Duncan



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