Meet Kirstin E. Williams

Kirstin E. Williams, Saint Room Trainer  

Kirstin E. Williams



CREDENTIALS/CERTIFICATIONS: MFA from Mills College, BA San Diego State, Yoga fit, cardio kick boxing, X-pole, Kangoo, Rebound, Pound, etc.


STUDIES:  All forms of dance and exploring nature


OUTLOOK ON LIFE: To inspire others while finding balance and peace in life




HOBBIES: surfing, swimming, traveling and spending time with my two little boys and hubby


SOMETHING DEEP OR COOL ABOUT YOU: Artistic Director of Strong Pulse Dance Crew


FAVORITE COLOR AND WHY? Aquamarine cause i am a mermaid


WHY ARE YOU IN SF? SF is a gorgeous city full of diversity and fusion of cultures plus ocean & water surrounds the city


FAVORITE HANGOUT AREA IN SF? End of sloat on beach or north beach at stinking rose


FAVORITE MUSIC? country and soul


FAVORITE ARTIST? Christina Aguilara, Janet Jackson and Jean Paul Gaultier


FAVORITE TRAVEL DESTINATION AND WHY?  Hawaii--people are beautiful and in the moment--the ocean is the magical blue color


FAVORITE INSPIRATION AND WHY?: My husband kung fu master trust & listen to your intuition..the one true thing in life



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