Meet Medwin Mina

Medwin Mina, Rogue Room Trainer

Medwin Mina

NICKNAME: "coach medwin" - don't call me med


CREDENTIALS/CERTIFICATIONS: NCEP- CPT, USA Olympic Weightlifting Level 1, Crossfit Coach Level 1, TRX STC, GSTC, RIP and TEAM and pre-natal 


STUDIES: marketing/film SJSU


OUTLOOK ON LIFE: try not to stress. And if you work hard and believe in yourself things will tend to fall into place the way you need it.  That and bacon is good.




HOBBIES: working out, lifting weights, eating, taking care of my son, eating, Muay Thai kickboxing, did I say eating?, comic books, my tv shows and I like to eat.


SOMETHING DEEP OR COOL ABOUT YOU: I used to weigh over 330 pounds. Then i got into kickboxing and to compete I had to stay really small and walked around 160lbs so I could make 145 weigh ins for fights. I like to stay somewhere in the middle now.  Lifting heavy, working out and eating well :)




WHY ARE YOU IN SF?: I was born and raised in San Francisco and I love living here.


FAVORITE HANGOUT AREA IN SF?: The mission was always my favorite neighborhood to hang out in. 


FAVORITE MUSIC?: Everything! I like a lot of different music and being a 90's raised kid/teen I still have a strong affection for 90's hip hop and r and b and think it's the best kind of both genres.  I also listen to a lot of Hawaiian reggae island music. 


FAVORITE ARTIST? Right now I'd say JBoog


FAVORITE TRAVEL DESTINATION AND WHY? Hawaii, I spent some time there as a kid and for the last 13 years I've made a point to get to Hawaii 2-3 times per year. I like the people, weather, culture and lifestyle. 


FAVORITE INSPIRATION AND WHY?  "Life is like a movie, you write your own ending"




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