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Welcome to the Community at Rogue and Saint Fitness


(between 15th and 16th)


We are located in the heart of San Francisco's Mission District on Mission St between 15th & 16th st! Nowhere else will you find a more dynamic, creative, beautiful, and edgy assortment of businesses, people, vibes, and activities. The Mission is known for its murals, food, and music, and now, with the addition of Rogue & Saint, The Mission is known for fitness!


Tell your friends, grab a neighbor, and become a part of the R&S Community. Together we will work out, get our sweat on, motivate each other, and work toward being our ideal selves.




Part of the effectiveness of the R&S Method depends on two unique gym environments that mimic the distinctive flavor of each bootcamp or pilates workout. Our dual studios are designed to feel intimate, without being crowded, and each room is dedicated to a specific purpose.

The Rogue Box at Rogue and Saint Fitness

The Rogue Studio is loud and intense with heart-pumping, high-BPM playlists guaranteed to get you amped for a fast-paced, shirt-drenching 55 minutes of bootcamp work out. Members switch between cardio and building exercises on the fly, & our certified instructors are always there to keep them motivated!


The Saint Room at Rogue and Saint Fitness

The Saint Studio Features pilates springboards in line along one wall, leaving the rest of the space open for warm bodies to stretch and energies to mingle, like in yoga class. Let’s be clear: this isn’t a new-age, magic crystals kind of space. The Saint Studio is the epitome of clean contemporary design: warm, sleek, and luscious.





NEW STUDIO SPACE: Everything is brand-spanking new! So fresh and so clean, clean.


SHOWERS: Get your workout, wash up after with a shower, get dressed, and get on with your day.


TOWELS: Forgot your towel? No worries, we've got a fresh supply on hand at all times.


GOODIES: Need a pick-me-up? How about some protein? Forgot your t-shirt? Don’t worry about it! Check out our store in the lobby.


BIKE PARKING: For those of you who like a pre-warm-up warm-up (see how we did that?), we’ve got a rack for bike lock-up right outside.


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